The Music Adventurer website explores the mysterious wonders of a musical life. Everyone has their own musical adventure. Some are listeners, some creators, some producers, and some businessmen and businesswomen. Still others are any combination of these. Nobody’s adventure has any more worth than another’s. This will be a place where the listener can converse with the the creator, and neither is the more important. After all, while without the creator, the listener would have no art, without the listener, the creator’s art would have no purpose. We all come here on our own musical adventure, and suddenly our different adventures have merged into one shared adventure. I’d be proud to share in your music adventure.

The site proprietor

I’m Gary Rebholz, a lifelong music listener and a long-time music creator and producer who, like I suspect many of you, would like to monetize my music. I guess I know quite a bit about music–after all, I’ve been listening for more than fifty years. Yet, I readily and humbly admit to so much I don’t know. So much I’ve yet to learn. So much I will never know.

Gary Rebholz, just one adventurer exploring along the way.
Gary Rebholz, just one adventurer exploring along the way.

A shared adventure

My own lack of total knowledge precisely presents one of the wonders of music: no one knows all there is to know. No expert should live smug in her or his ultimate knowledge. Even the virtuoso musician has more to learn than a lifetime can allow. Embrace the journey. That’s all one can do. Embrace it, enjoy it, live it. Another wonder of music proves that the more one relinquishes any claim to ultimate knowledge, the more wondrous the opportunities that emerge to learn and grow.

There we find the adventure: we seek to know all, and realize all along that we seek the unknowable. Share the adventure. While a personal musical journey is powerful, nothing matches the power of a shared adventure. Everything grows in intensity when you live it with another. Knowledge can spread at exponential rates as long as we first share it with another. Enjoyment rises to new heights when we see others enjoying what we enjoy. The adventure becomes ever more intense, and the world becomes that much better. The shared language of music binds people across the globe to one another. You teach me, and I teach you. It’s not just a nice arrangement, it’s a critical piece of an even more grand adventure.

A few notes on the rules

I’ve been around a while, and I have a pretty good idea of the behavior I do and don’t want on this site. All are welcome to participate and enjoy the adventure that we create together. However, rude, abusive, sexist, racist, and otherwise objectionable behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone exhibiting such behavior may be banned from this community without warning and at my discretion. That doesn’t mean we all have to agree. It doesn’t mean you can’t express opinions. It doesn’t even mean that you can’t say things that someone else (including me) may not want to hear. It only means that everyone here deserves respect. Just keep your comments respectful, that’s all I ask. Don’t try to hide behind, “I’m just telling the truth and if somebody can’t take the truth, that’s their problem.” I’m too old to fall for that canard. Tell the truth, yes, but tell it with respect, compassion, and love.

Thank you for being part of my own music adventure and allowing me the honor of being a part of yours. I hope you enjoy your time here.

— Gary

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